The Door Of Pensacola, Florida is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled, nondenominational family of believers. The Door Pensacola is a contemporary, cutting-edge, rapidly growing church in Florida. Come as you are, leave better. 

We minister to the needs of the family, the individual, and the community, providing dynamic worship and relevant preaching for your life today. At The Door Pensacola, you will find a friendly, focused congregation and a pastor who has a personal interest in you. Whether you are searching for a change in your life or for a vibrant church to serve in, The Door Pensacola is truly unique and has something for every stage of your spiritual development. We desire to meet you at your point of need...


The Door Pensacola is a local church based in Pensacola Florida. Pastor Nate Brown and his family have been serving in the congregation. Pastor Brown has a heart for World evangelism.  The Door Pensacola has dedicated itself to serve the Pensacola community. Our church has a mission to see people saved  and serving God in all they do. Our doors are open to anyone who walks in. We are touching the lives of our city every day as saints, young and old spread the Gospel of Christ. We believe in planting churches worldwide and are seeing that vision come alive. 


Our church is part of the network of Christian Fellowship Ministries, founded by Pastor Wayman Mitchell. In 1970 Pastor Mitchell went to Prescott, Arizona to take a small, struggling congregation. Shortly after arriving, God saved a number of hippies and they welcomed them into the church. God began a marvelous outpouring of conversions and growth in connection with the “Jesus Movement” of the 1970’s. As God revealed His plan for discipleship, churches began to be planted throughout the US, and that lead to church planting and discipleship in many other nations. Pastor Mitchell traveled extensively throughout the world preaching in various conferences, rallies, leadership meetings, discipleship classes and healing crusades until early 2020. Pastor Mitchell finally went home to his reward on September 21st, 2020, and left behind a world-changing move of God. We are blessed to be part of a fellowship knit together with the desire to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.


In our local church, God has given us a powerful revival of men and we are obeying the command by Jesus in Matthew 28:19 to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..." As we grow we would love to see men grow into leadership roles and become a foundation of a powerful movement. Here at The Door Pensacola, Florida we strongly believe it’s important to get to know one another. When you walk into our church please reach out to someone on our staff and let us know how we can minister to you, we’re here to help.

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Pastor Nate Brown and his wife Lynzey have been serving the church for years. They are happily married with four kids and excited to be in the beautiful city of Pensacola.